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Q. What do you specialize in making?

A. We make many 5 sided carbon fiber enclosures or custom carbon fiber boxes. We make a number of  RF\EMI shielded carbon fiber enclosures.

Q. Do you have any new products?

A. Yes, we have the new carbon fiber recovery poles – see video on right. Extendable Carbon Pole Video

Q. Can you make a car hood, trunk, or motorcycle fender?

A. We cannot make individual car or motorcycle parts as the engineering and tooling required are cost prohibitive. A car hood tool would be around $20,000, to make a class A finish.

Q. How does the process work, how do we get started?

A. Generally we start with AutoCAD and or SolidWorks drawings, or in the case of tubes or rods we simply need exact specifications, like O.D, I.D., length and tolerances.

Q. What materials do you use?

A. We use carbon fiber which is pre-impregnated with a high temperature toughened epoxy resin; this is commonly referred to as pre-preg. We use several forms of this material, see pictures 1-3, at right.

We also use Dyneema HB2 in armor applications.

Q. How do you make the parts?

A. First we cut out all the individual layers of material, called plies, according to the ply-lay up diagram developed by engineering. We then place the carbon fiber plies into the tool, and apply pressure to the part using a variety of tools and techniques, and bake the part at around 250-275F.

The orientation, number of plies and type of material used is designed to produce a part which fits the dimensions and specifications of the part.

The part is then removed from the tool, and finished by removing resin flash or sanding or cutting to exact specifications.

Q. Which markets do you serve?

A. We currently make a number of products for the growing UAV market. In addition we manufacture a number of military, musical, consumer, industrial, medical and sporting good products.

Q. What products have you developed recently for these markets?

A. Armored shields, fore ends, RF\EMI shielded servo enclosures, camera housings, money clips, orthotic devices, and many UAV parts.